Welcome to
The Bird Cage Theatre 

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: Visitors and Employees of
The Bird Cage Theater have reported seeing the
spirits of former Prostitutes and Men in Cowboy hats. Some
claim to have been
touched and pushed by unseen
forces. At night, the sounds of laughter, yelling and music
have been heard, as though the parties of
"The Old West" were still raging.
GHOST TOURS: The tours start at 6:15 PM
Tickets are available daily at
The Bird Cage Theater,
In the town of Tombstone, AZ.
Bring your Camera and a sense of adventure,
to the most Infamous Saloon in
"The Town that Never Dies."

The Bird Cage Theatre
"Ghost Tour"
A Guided Paranormal tour through the World Famous
Bird Cage Theatre.
Our 6:15 PM Tour is our Family Ghost Tour.
And now open to Children, 12 and over, With Parent.

The 8:00 PM Tour is our Adult Only Ghost Tour.
Maximum of 20 guests per tour.

Our Tour Requirement is
No alcohol prior to the tour!

The Tours Start with a brief history of
The Bird Cage Theatre,
then we Visit each room of the building
where we share what type of paranormal
activity has been documented.
For a portion of the tour we also
go completely lights out, So our guests get
a feel of what the
building is like for all of our Investigators,
Professional and Amateur alike.
Our guests are welcome to bring cameras,
video cameras, voice recorders
or any other amateur ghost
hunting equipment.
(as long as it is for personal use only)

Cost for the tour is $20.00 per person.
Guests can purchase tickets at the Bird Cage,
Or you can call to prepay your tickets with
a Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card.

So come see us at The Bird Cage and we'll explore a
little history and the
world of the paranormal in
our Spectacular Ghost Tour!

Placeholder Picture

The Black Moriah Carried all but six of the
Tombstone AZ residents to Boothill Graveyard. The hearse is trimmed in 24k gold and Sterling Silver and was the first vehicle with curved glass. This is only one of the eight made and can be seen on display in
The Bird Cage Theater.
It was said that the Black Moriah, had
"A Cowboy For Breakfast Everyday." The Black Moriah
is Valued by The Ford Museum at over Two Million Dollars, It ran from
1881 to 1917. The Nightly Ghost Tours are based
in this area of
The Bird Cage Theater,
due to the High amount of Paranormal Activity that may be connected to
"The Black Moriah".